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K. Andreiev and I. Egorova

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  On the Long-Time Asymptotics for the Korteweg-de Vries Equation with Steplike Initial Data Associated with Rarefaction Waves (325-343)  


A.M. Kholkin and T.A. Sanikidze

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  Comparison of Solutions of the Nonlinear Transfer Equation (344-352)  


Sampa Pahan1, Buddhadev Pal2, and Arindam Bhattacharyya3

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  On Compact Super Quasi-Einstein Warped Product with Nonpositive Scalar Curvature (353-363)  


Sasha Sodin

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  Fluctuations of Interlacing Sequences (364-401)  


D. Zakora

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  On Properties of Root Elements in the Problem on Small Motions of Viscous Relaxing Fluid (402-413)  


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  Михаил Леонидович Содин (к шестидесятилетию со дня рождения) (414-416)  


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  Михаил Самуилович Лившиц (к столетию со дня рождения) (417-428)  


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  Author index to volume 13 for year 2017 (429-431)