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Yury Arlinskii and Andrey Popov

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  On m-Sectorial Extensions of Sectorial Operators (205-241)


Xiaomin Chen

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  Notes on Ricci Solitons in f-Cosymplectic Manifolds (242-253)


V.D. Dushkin

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  Approximate Solving of the Third Boundary Value Problems for Helmholtz Equations in the Plane with Parallel Cuts (254-267)


O. Khorunzhiy

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  On Eigenvalue Distribution of Random Matrices of Ihara Zeta Function of Large Random Graphs (268-282)


E.Ya. Khruslov1, L.O. Khilkova2, and M.V. Goncharenko3

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  Integral Conditions for Convergence of Solutions of Non-Linear Robin's Problem in Strongly Perforated Domain (283-313)


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  Владимир Александрович Марченко (к девяностопятилетию со дня рождения) (314-314)


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  Леонид Андреевич Пастур (к восьмидесятилетию со дня рождения) (315-315)