Anatoly Anikin , Sergey Dobrokhotov , Vladimir Nazaikinskii

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  Asymptotic Solutions of the Wave Equation with Degenerate Velocity and with Right-Hand Side Localized in Space and Time (393-405)  


Iryna Egorova , Johanna Michor , Gerald Teschl

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  Long-Time Asymptotics for the Toda Shock Problem: Non-Overlapping Spectra (406-451)  


Thomas Kappeler , Yannick Widmer

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  On Spectral Properties of the L Operator in the Lax Pair of the sine-Gordon Equation (452-509)  


Sergei Kuksin

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  Asymptotic Properties of Integrals of Quotients when the Numerator Oscillates and the Denominator Degenerates (510-518)  


A.G. Nikitin

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  The Maximal "Kinematical" Invariance Group for an Arbitrary Potential Revised (519-531)  


Inna Roitberg , Alexander Sakhnovich

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  The Discrete Self-Adjoint Dirac Systems of General Type: Explicit Solutions of Direct and Inverse Problems, Asymptotics of Verblunsky-Type Coecients and the Stability of Solving of the Inverse Problem (532-548)  


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  Author Iindex to Volume 14 for Year 2018 (549-552)